Hotels and locksmiths: You might not have realized how these two businesses work together, but the truth is that their relationship is key to the success of hotels and their ability to keep their guests safe.  For commercial locksmiths, this relationship is also key to their success as hotels form a substantial amount of their business.

Once you think about it, the pairing makes a lot of sense.  Locks keep us safe, guests need to feel secure, therefore locksmiths and hotels would work together.  But as a hotel guest, you might be wondering exactly how they pair up to do this.  Below are just a few ways these two businesses work together to keep you safe while you travel.

Hotels work with locksmiths to keep you safe.

Installation and Maintenance of High-Tech Locks

How often do you get an actual key to your room anymore?  Almost never, unless you are staying at a truly budget-rate hotel.  Now, hotels and resorts rely on keycode or keycard systems for guest rooms; sometimes they even use a combination of the two, requiring you to insert a card and punch in a code.  And getting these systems up and running—and keeping them that way—requires help from a locksmith service, such as that at

Locksmiths can do a lot more than just put these locks on the doors; they can connect them to the internet, integrate them with the software, and train employees on how to use the system.  Most of these systems will also keep a log of when a door was accessed and by whom, giving the hotel a clear picture of what is happening on site.  When the systems encounter a problem, locksmiths can come and work it out, getting everything back to normal.

Assistance with Video Monitoring, Alarms, and Intercom Systems

Yes, locksmiths work with locks.  But many are also security experts.  In addition to installing and maintaining sophisticated lock systems, locksmiths can install complete security systems to keep guests and employees safe.

Video monitoring can be set up in the public areas of the resort as well as in the employee back-of-house space to ensure that security has eyes on the entire property at all times.  Many locksmiths can even set up the program that processes the videos and help the hotel ensure they are uploaded to the cloud for storage.

They can also install alarm systems that help to protect vital parts of the property, such as the electrical space, vault, and storage.  Also helping to keep people safe on the property are intercom systems that help to ensure everyone can remain in communication at all times.

Servicing of Safes, Cabinets, and Interior Locks

While we have already focused on the door to the room or suite, the locks inside the guest accommodations matter as well.  From window locks to door locks to cabinets and safes, locksmiths ensure that all are working as they should to help keep you safe and comfortable.

If you are concerned about the security at the hotel or resort where you will be staying, do not be afraid to ask them about how they work with their locksmith service to keep their guests safe.